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Learning Environment

Kamalei's Environment

Our educational program at Kamalei Children's Centre is influenced by an Emergent Curriculum, the Philosophy of Reggio Emilia and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). These reinforce the value we place on family involvement in our learning environment.



Our learning environment reflects a home like environment that is warm, loving and welcoming and considers children as capable builders of their own knowledge and the adults are facilitators, educators and co-learners. Children and educators together engage in collaborative decision making about the curriculum. Children are free to explore a range of experiences provided each day.

Children can initiate a project (area of interest and learning), investigation or be a part a collaborative project with other children that may last a day or a number of weeks. Our daily routine is flexible and recognizes the individual needs of the children .


As we are a part of the KAZCARE community, we participate in excursions onsite to explore and extend the children's learning. Visitors, excursions and informal outings are also planned to compliment the children's learning.

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Kamalei Children's Centre
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  Kamalei Children's Centre
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