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Food and Nutrition

Kamalei's Lunch Procedures

Based on dietary intake recommendations Kamalei Children's Centre provides the children (who eat solids) with a nutritional morning tea. This consists of a piece of fruit or a variety of seasonal fruit platter and/or a small bowl of yogurt, with a drink of water or milk.

Your Child's Lunch

Parents are to provide their children with a nutritional lunch and snacks for afternoon tea and an extra snack if children are attending later than 5.00 pm. We are a nut free centre and ask all parents to keep peanut butter and other nut products for treats at home, in order to keep all our children safe. If your child has a food allergy/intolerance the centre will accommodate this in every way possible.Staff are trained in first aid which includes administering an Epipen.

More information will be given to parents on enrolment.