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Sustainability is the ability to maintain a certain process or way of life


Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the

ability of future generations to meet their needs 

Kamalei Children's Centre is committed to the environment and education for sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. Our aim is to educate, empower and promote a sense of responsibility and participation of a positive change, for this and future generations.




We believe that early childhood is the starting point to which children can develop lifelong practices to ensure the respect and protection of not only our environment but each other. We encourage children to become actively involved in sustainable practices every day, and believe will in turn instil a sense of belonging to and love of the natural environment, living things and a lifelong respect, positive attitudes that are proactive towards protecting our environment and creating a sustainable environment.


Our curriculum explores ways of being connected to the land; gardens, animals, growing our own food, responsible use of water and energy, minimizing waste, fair trade, recycling, and environmental health - reducing chemical use.